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Add to your page "META tag"

Controlling how your Web page is indexed by Google, MSN, AltaVista... In the absence of any other information, Search Engines will index all words in your document (except for comments), and will use the first few words of the document as a short abstract.
How to do ...
It is however possible for you to control how your page is indexed by using the META tag to specify both additional keywords to index, and a short description. Let's suppose your page contains:

<META name="description" content="We specialize in grooming pink poodles.">

<META name="keywords" content="pet grooming, Palo Alto, dog">

Search Engines will then do two things:
  • It will index both fields as words, so a search on either poodles or dog will match.
  • It will return the description with the URL. In other words, instead of showing the first couple of lines of the page, a match will look like the following:

Search Engines will index the description and keywords up to a limit of 1,024 characters.

More information see WebMaster Meta-Tag and the Meta-Tag Generator

See Links to Meta Tag Site : under re-construction

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