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RGB Values

X Windows Mnemonic Color & RGB Values
snow Red:[255] Green:[250] Blue[250]
ghost white Red:[248] Green:[248] Blue[255]
GhostWhite Red:[248] Green:[248] Blue[255]
white smoke Red:[245] Green:[245] Blue[245]
WhiteSmoke Red:[245] Green:[245] Blue[245]
gainsboro Red:[220] Green:[220] Blue[220]
floral white Red:[255] Green:[250] Blue[240]
FloralWhite Red:[255] Green:[250] Blue[240]
old lace Red:[253] Green:[245] Blue[230]
OldLace Red:[253] Green:[245] Blue[230]
linen Red:[250] Green:[240] Blue[230]
antique white Red:[250] Green:[235] Blue[215]
AntiqueWhite Red:[250] Green:[235] Blue[215]
papaya whip Red:[255] Green:[239] Blue[213]
PapayaWhip Red:[255] Green:[239] Blue[213]
blanched almond Red:[255] Green:[235] Blue[205]
BlanchedAlmond Red:[255] Green:[235] Blue[205]
bisque Red:[255] Green:[228] Blue[196]
peach puff Red:[255] Green:[218] Blue[185]
PeachPuff Red:[255] Green:[218] Blue[185]
navajo white Red:[255] Green:[222] Blue[173]
NavajoWhite Red:[255] Green:[222] Blue[173]
moccasin Red:[255] Green:[228] Blue[181]
cornsilk Red:[255] Green:[248] Blue[220]
ivory Red:[255] Green:[255] Blue[240]
lemon chiffon Red:[255] Green:[250] Blue[205]
LemonChiffon Red:[255] Green:[250] Blue[205]
seashell Red:[255] Green:[245] Blue[238]
honeydew Red:[240] Green:[255] Blue[240]
mint cream Red:[245] Green:[255] Blue[250]
MintCream Red:[245] Green:[255] Blue[250]
azure Red:[240] Green:[255] Blue[255]
alice blue Red:[240] Green:[248] Blue[255]
AliceBlue Red:[240] Green:[248] Blue[255]
lavender Red:[230] Green:[230] Blue[250]
lavender blush Red:[255] Green:[240] Blue[245]
LavenderBlush Red:[255] Green:[240] Blue[245]
misty rose Red:[255] Green:[228] Blue[225]
MistyRose Red:[255] Green:[228] Blue[225]
white Red:[255] Green:[255] Blue[255]
black Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[000]
dark slate gray Red:[047] Green:[079] Blue[079]
DarkSlateGray Red:[047] Green:[079] Blue[079]
dark slate grey Red:[047] Green:[079] Blue[079]
DarkSlateGrey Red:[047] Green:[079] Blue[079]
dim gray Red:[105] Green:[105] Blue[105]
DimGray Red:[105] Green:[105] Blue[105]
dim grey Red:[105] Green:[105] Blue[105]
DimGrey Red:[105] Green:[105] Blue[105]
slate gray Red:[112] Green:[128] Blue[144]
SlateGray Red:[112] Green:[128] Blue[144]
slate grey Red:[112] Green:[128] Blue[144]
SlateGrey Red:[112] Green:[128] Blue[144]
light slate gray Red:[119] Green:[136] Blue[153]
LightSlateGray Red:[119] Green:[136] Blue[153]
light slate grey Red:[119] Green:[136] Blue[153]
LightSlateGrey Red:[119] Green:[136] Blue[153]
gray Red:[190] Green:[190] Blue[190]
grey Red:[190] Green:[190] Blue[190]
light grey Red:[211] Green:[211] Blue[211]
LightGrey Red:[211] Green:[211] Blue[211]
light gray Red:[211] Green:[211] Blue[211]
LightGray Red:[211] Green:[211] Blue[211]
midnight blue Red:[025] Green:[025] Blue[112]
MidnightBlue Red:[025] Green:[025] Blue[112]
navy Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[128]
navy blue Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[128]
NavyBlue Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[128]
cornflower blue Red:[100] Green:[149] Blue[237]
CornflowerBlue Red:[100] Green:[149] Blue[237]
dark slate blue Red:[072] Green:[061] Blue[139]
DarkSlateBlue Red:[072] Green:[061] Blue[139]
slate blue Red:[106] Green:[090] Blue[205]
SlateBlue Red:[106] Green:[090] Blue[205]
medium slate blue Red:[123] Green:[104] Blue[238]
MediumSlateBlue Red:[123] Green:[104] Blue[238]
light slate blue Red:[132] Green:[112] Blue[255]
LightSlateBlue Red:[132] Green:[112] Blue[255]
medium blue Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[205]
MediumBlue Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[205]
royal blue Red:[065] Green:[105] Blue[225]
RoyalBlue Red:[065] Green:[105] Blue[225]
blue Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[255]
dodger blue Red:[030] Green:[144] Blue[255]
DodgerBlue Red:[030] Green:[144] Blue[255]
deep sky blue Red:[000] Green:[191] Blue[255]
DeepSkyBlue Red:[000] Green:[191] Blue[255]
sky blue Red:[135] Green:[206] Blue[235]
SkyBlue Red:[135] Green:[206] Blue[235]
light sky blue Red:[135] Green:[206] Blue[250]
LightSkyBlue Red:[135] Green:[206] Blue[250]
steel blue Red:[070] Green:[130] Blue[180]
SteelBlue Red:[070] Green:[130] Blue[180]
light steel blue Red:[176] Green:[196] Blue[222]
LightSteelBlue Red:[176] Green:[196] Blue[222]
light blue Red:[173] Green:[216] Blue[230]
LightBlue Red:[173] Green:[216] Blue[230]
powder blue Red:[176] Green:[224] Blue[230]
PowderBlue Red:[176] Green:[224] Blue[230]
pale turquoise Red:[175] Green:[238] Blue[238]
PaleTurquoise Red:[175] Green:[238] Blue[238]
dark turquoise Red:[000] Green:[206] Blue[209]
DarkTurquoise Red:[000] Green:[206] Blue[209]
medium turquoise Red:[072] Green:[209] Blue[204]
MediumTurquoise Red:[072] Green:[209] Blue[204]
turquoise Red:[064] Green:[224] Blue[208]
cyan Red:[000] Green:[255] Blue[255]
light cyan Red:[224] Green:[255] Blue[255]
LightCyan Red:[224] Green:[255] Blue[255]
cadet blue Red:[095] Green:[158] Blue[160]
CadetBlue Red:[095] Green:[158] Blue[160]
medium aquamarine Red:[102] Green:[205] Blue[170]
MediumAquamarine Red:[102] Green:[205] Blue[170]
aquamarine Red:[127] Green:[255] Blue[212]
dark green Red:[000] Green:[100] Blue[000]
DarkGreen Red:[000] Green:[100] Blue[000]
dark olive green Red:[085] Green:[107] Blue[047]
DarkOliveGreen Red:[085] Green:[107] Blue[047]
dark sea green Red:[143] Green:[188] Blue[143]
DarkSeaGreen Red:[143] Green:[188] Blue[143]
sea green Red:[046] Green:[139] Blue[087]
SeaGreen Red:[046] Green:[139] Blue[087]
medium sea green Red:[060] Green:[179] Blue[113]
MediumSeaGreen Red:[060] Green:[179] Blue[113]
light sea green Red:[032] Green:[178] Blue[170]
LightSeaGreen Red:[032] Green:[178] Blue[170]
pale green Red:[152] Green:[251] Blue[152]
PaleGreen Red:[152] Green:[251] Blue[152]
spring green Red:[000] Green:[255] Blue[127]
SpringGreen Red:[000] Green:[255] Blue[127]
lawn green Red:[124] Green:[252] Blue[000]
LawnGreen Red:[124] Green:[252] Blue[000]
green Red:[000] Green:[255] Blue[000]
chartreuse Red:[127] Green:[255] Blue[000]
medium spring green Red:[000] Green:[250] Blue[154]
MediumSpringGreen Red:[000] Green:[250] Blue[154]
green yellow Red:[173] Green:[255] Blue[047]
GreenYellow Red:[173] Green:[255] Blue[047]
lime green Red:[050] Green:[205] Blue[050]
LimeGreen Red:[050] Green:[205] Blue[050]
yellow green Red:[154] Green:[205] Blue[050]
YellowGreen Red:[154] Green:[205] Blue[050]
forest green Red:[034] Green:[139] Blue[034]
ForestGreen Red:[034] Green:[139] Blue[034]
olive drab Red:[107] Green:[142] Blue[035]
OliveDrab Red:[107] Green:[142] Blue[035]
dark khaki Red:[189] Green:[183] Blue[107]
DarkKhaki Red:[189] Green:[183] Blue[107]
khaki Red:[240] Green:[230] Blue[140]
pale goldenrod Red:[238] Green:[232] Blue[170]
PaleGoldenrod Red:[238] Green:[232] Blue[170]
light goldenrod yellow Red:[250] Green:[250] Blue[210]
LightGoldenrodYellow Red:[250] Green:[250] Blue[210]
light yellow Red:[255] Green:[255] Blue[224]
LightYellow Red:[255] Green:[255] Blue[224]
yellow Red:[255] Green:[255] Blue[000]
gold Red:[255] Green:[215] Blue[000]
light goldenrod Red:[238] Green:[221] Blue[130]
LightGoldenrod Red:[238] Green:[221] Blue[130]
goldenrod Red:[218] Green:[165] Blue[032]
dark goldenrod Red:[184] Green:[134] Blue[011]
DarkGoldenrod Red:[184] Green:[134] Blue[011]
rosy brown Red:[188] Green:[143] Blue[143]
RosyBrown Red:[188] Green:[143] Blue[143]
indian red Red:[205] Green:[092] Blue[092]
IndianRed Red:[205] Green:[092] Blue[092]
saddle brown Red:[139] Green:[069] Blue[019]
SaddleBrown Red:[139] Green:[069] Blue[019]
sienna Red:[160] Green:[082] Blue[045]
peru Red:[205] Green:[133] Blue[063]
burlywood Red:[222] Green:[184] Blue[135]
beige Red:[245] Green:[245] Blue[220]
wheat Red:[245] Green:[222] Blue[179]
sandy brown Red:[244] Green:[164] Blue[096]
SandyBrown Red:[244] Green:[164] Blue[096]
tan Red:[210] Green:[180] Blue[140]
chocolate Red:[210] Green:[105] Blue[030]
firebrick Red:[178] Green:[034] Blue[034]
brown Red:[165] Green:[042] Blue[042]
dark salmon Red:[233] Green:[150] Blue[122]
DarkSalmon Red:[233] Green:[150] Blue[122]
salmon Red:[250] Green:[128] Blue[114]
light salmon Red:[255] Green:[160] Blue[122]
LightSalmon Red:[255] Green:[160] Blue[122]
orange Red:[255] Green:[165] Blue[000]
dark orange Red:[255] Green:[140] Blue[000]
DarkOrange Red:[255] Green:[140] Blue[000]
coral Red:[255] Green:[127] Blue[080]
light coral Red:[240] Green:[128] Blue[128]
LightCoral Red:[240] Green:[128] Blue[128]
tomato Red:[255] Green:[099] Blue[071]
orange red Red:[255] Green:[069] Blue[000]
OrangeRed Red:[255] Green:[069] Blue[000]
red Red:[255] Green:[000] Blue[000]
hot pink Red:[255] Green:[105] Blue[180]
HotPink Red:[255] Green:[105] Blue[180]
deep pink Red:[255] Green:[020] Blue[147]
DeepPink Red:[255] Green:[020] Blue[147]
pink Red:[255] Green:[192] Blue[203]
light pink Red:[255] Green:[182] Blue[193]
LightPink Red:[255] Green:[182] Blue[193]
pale violet red Red:[219] Green:[112] Blue[147]
PaleVioletRed Red:[219] Green:[112] Blue[147]
maroon Red:[176] Green:[048] Blue[096]
medium violet red Red:[199] Green:[021] Blue[133]
MediumVioletRed Red:[199] Green:[021] Blue[133]
violet red Red:[208] Green:[032] Blue[144]
VioletRed Red:[208] Green:[032] Blue[144]
magenta Red:[255] Green:[000] Blue[255]
violet Red:[238] Green:[130] Blue[238]
plum Red:[221] Green:[160] Blue[221]
orchid Red:[218] Green:[112] Blue[214]
medium orchid Red:[186] Green:[085] Blue[211]
MediumOrchid Red:[186] Green:[085] Blue[211]
dark orchid Red:[153] Green:[050] Blue[204]
DarkOrchid Red:[153] Green:[050] Blue[204]
dark violet Red:[148] Green:[000] Blue[211]
DarkViolet Red:[148] Green:[000] Blue[211]
blue violet Red:[138] Green:[043] Blue[226]
BlueViolet Red:[138] Green:[043] Blue[226]
purple Red:[160] Green:[032] Blue[240]
medium purple Red:[147] Green:[112] Blue[219]
MediumPurple Red:[147] Green:[112] Blue[219]
thistle Red:[216] Green:[191] Blue[216]
snow1 Red:[255] Green:[250] Blue[250]
snow2 Red:[238] Green:[233] Blue[233]
snow3 Red:[205] Green:[201] Blue[201]
snow4 Red:[139] Green:[137] Blue[137]
seashell1 Red:[255] Green:[245] Blue[238]
seashell2 Red:[238] Green:[229] Blue[222]
seashell3 Red:[205] Green:[197] Blue[191]
seashell4 Red:[139] Green:[134] Blue[130]
AntiqueWhite1 Red:[255] Green:[239] Blue[219]
AntiqueWhite2 Red:[238] Green:[223] Blue[204]
AntiqueWhite3 Red:[205] Green:[192] Blue[176]
AntiqueWhite4 Red:[139] Green:[131] Blue[120]
bisque1 Red:[255] Green:[228] Blue[196]
bisque2 Red:[238] Green:[213] Blue[183]
bisque3 Red:[205] Green:[183] Blue[158]
bisque4 Red:[139] Green:[125] Blue[107]
PeachPuff1 Red:[255] Green:[218] Blue[185]
PeachPuff2 Red:[238] Green:[203] Blue[173]
PeachPuff3 Red:[205] Green:[175] Blue[149]
PeachPuff4 Red:[139] Green:[119] Blue[101]
NavajoWhite1 Red:[255] Green:[222] Blue[173]
NavajoWhite2 Red:[238] Green:[207] Blue[161]
NavajoWhite3 Red:[205] Green:[179] Blue[139]
NavajoWhite4 Red:[139] Green:[121] Blue[094]
LemonChiffon1 Red:[255] Green:[250] Blue[205]
LemonChiffon2 Red:[238] Green:[233] Blue[191]
LemonChiffon3 Red:[205] Green:[201] Blue[165]
LemonChiffon4 Red:[139] Green:[137] Blue[112]
cornsilk1 Red:[255] Green:[248] Blue[220]
cornsilk2 Red:[238] Green:[232] Blue[205]
cornsilk3 Red:[205] Green:[200] Blue[177]
cornsilk4 Red:[139] Green:[136] Blue[120]
ivory1 Red:[255] Green:[255] Blue[240]
ivory2 Red:[238] Green:[238] Blue[224]
ivory3 Red:[205] Green:[205] Blue[193]
ivory4 Red:[139] Green:[139] Blue[131]
honeydew1 Red:[240] Green:[255] Blue[240]
honeydew2 Red:[224] Green:[238] Blue[224]
honeydew3 Red:[193] Green:[205] Blue[193]
honeydew4 Red:[131] Green:[139] Blue[131]
LavenderBlush1 Red:[255] Green:[240] Blue[245]
LavenderBlush2 Red:[238] Green:[224] Blue[229]
LavenderBlush3 Red:[205] Green:[193] Blue[197]
LavenderBlush4 Red:[139] Green:[131] Blue[134]
MistyRose1 Red:[255] Green:[228] Blue[225]
MistyRose2 Red:[238] Green:[213] Blue[210]
MistyRose3 Red:[205] Green:[183] Blue[181]
MistyRose4 Red:[139] Green:[125] Blue[123]
azure1 Red:[240] Green:[255] Blue[255]
azure2 Red:[224] Green:[238] Blue[238]
azure3 Red:[193] Green:[205] Blue[205]
azure4 Red:[131] Green:[139] Blue[139]
SlateBlue1 Red:[131] Green:[111] Blue[255]
SlateBlue2 Red:[122] Green:[103] Blue[238]
SlateBlue3 Red:[105] Green:[089] Blue[205]
SlateBlue4 Red:[071] Green:[060] Blue[139]
RoyalBlue1 Red:[072] Green:[118] Blue[255]
RoyalBlue2 Red:[067] Green:[110] Blue[238]
RoyalBlue3 Red:[058] Green:[095] Blue[205]
RoyalBlue4 Red:[039] Green:[064] Blue[139]
blue1 Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[255]
blue2 Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[238]
blue3 Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[205]
blue4 Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[139]
DodgerBlue1 Red:[030] Green:[144] Blue[255]
DodgerBlue2 Red:[028] Green:[134] Blue[238]
DodgerBlue3 Red:[024] Green:[116] Blue[205]
DodgerBlue4 Red:[016] Green:[078] Blue[139]
SteelBlue1 Red:[099] Green:[184] Blue[255]
SteelBlue2 Red:[092] Green:[172] Blue[238]
SteelBlue3 Red:[079] Green:[148] Blue[205]
SteelBlue4 Red:[054] Green:[100] Blue[139]
DeepSkyBlue1 Red:[000] Green:[191] Blue[255]
DeepSkyBlue2 Red:[000] Green:[178] Blue[238]
DeepSkyBlue3 Red:[000] Green:[154] Blue[205]
DeepSkyBlue4 Red:[000] Green:[104] Blue[139]
SkyBlue1 Red:[135] Green:[206] Blue[255]
SkyBlue2 Red:[126] Green:[192] Blue[238]
SkyBlue3 Red:[108] Green:[166] Blue[205]
SkyBlue4 Red:[074] Green:[112] Blue[139]
LightSkyBlue1 Red:[176] Green:[226] Blue[255]
LightSkyBlue2 Red:[164] Green:[211] Blue[238]
LightSkyBlue3 Red:[141] Green:[182] Blue[205]
LightSkyBlue4 Red:[096] Green:[123] Blue[139]
SlateGray1 Red:[198] Green:[226] Blue[255]
SlateGray2 Red:[185] Green:[211] Blue[238]
SlateGray3 Red:[159] Green:[182] Blue[205]
SlateGray4 Red:[108] Green:[123] Blue[139]
LightSteelBlue1 Red:[202] Green:[225] Blue[255]
LightSteelBlue2 Red:[188] Green:[210] Blue[238]
LightSteelBlue3 Red:[162] Green:[181] Blue[205]
LightSteelBlue4 Red:[110] Green:[123] Blue[139]
LightBlue1 Red:[191] Green:[239] Blue[255]
LightBlue2 Red:[178] Green:[223] Blue[238]
LightBlue3 Red:[154] Green:[192] Blue[205]
LightBlue4 Red:[104] Green:[131] Blue[139]
LightCyan1 Red:[224] Green:[255] Blue[255]
LightCyan2 Red:[209] Green:[238] Blue[238]
LightCyan3 Red:[180] Green:[205] Blue[205]
LightCyan4 Red:[122] Green:[139] Blue[139]
PaleTurquoise1 Red:[187] Green:[255] Blue[255]
PaleTurquoise2 Red:[174] Green:[238] Blue[238]
PaleTurquoise3 Red:[150] Green:[205] Blue[205]
PaleTurquoise4 Red:[102] Green:[139] Blue[139]
CadetBlue1 Red:[152] Green:[245] Blue[255]
CadetBlue2 Red:[142] Green:[229] Blue[238]
CadetBlue3 Red:[122] Green:[197] Blue[205]
CadetBlue4 Red:[083] Green:[134] Blue[139]
turquoise1 Red:[000] Green:[245] Blue[255]
turquoise2 Red:[000] Green:[229] Blue[238]
turquoise3 Red:[000] Green:[197] Blue[205]
turquoise4 Red:[000] Green:[134] Blue[139]
cyan1 Red:[000] Green:[255] Blue[255]
cyan2 Red:[000] Green:[238] Blue[238]
cyan3 Red:[000] Green:[205] Blue[205]
cyan4 Red:[000] Green:[139] Blue[139]
DarkSlateGray1 Red:[151] Green:[255] Blue[255]
DarkSlateGray2 Red:[141] Green:[238] Blue[238]
DarkSlateGray3 Red:[121] Green:[205] Blue[205]
DarkSlateGray4 Red:[082] Green:[139] Blue[139]
aquamarine1 Red:[127] Green:[255] Blue[212]
aquamarine2 Red:[118] Green:[238] Blue[198]
aquamarine3 Red:[102] Green:[205] Blue[170]
aquamarine4 Red:[069] Green:[139] Blue[116]
DarkSeaGreen1 Red:[193] Green:[255] Blue[193]
DarkSeaGreen2 Red:[180] Green:[238] Blue[180]
DarkSeaGreen3 Red:[155] Green:[205] Blue[155]
DarkSeaGreen4 Red:[105] Green:[139] Blue[105]
SeaGreen1 Red:[084] Green:[255] Blue[159]
SeaGreen2 Red:[078] Green:[238] Blue[148]
SeaGreen3 Red:[067] Green:[205] Blue[128]
SeaGreen4 Red:[046] Green:[139] Blue[087]
PaleGreen1 Red:[154] Green:[255] Blue[154]
PaleGreen2 Red:[144] Green:[238] Blue[144]
PaleGreen3 Red:[124] Green:[205] Blue[124]
PaleGreen4 Red:[084] Green:[139] Blue[084]
SpringGreen1 Red:[000] Green:[255] Blue[127]
SpringGreen2 Red:[000] Green:[238] Blue[118]
SpringGreen3 Red:[000] Green:[205] Blue[102]
SpringGreen4 Red:[000] Green:[139] Blue[069]
green1 Red:[000] Green:[255] Blue[000]
green2 Red:[000] Green:[238] Blue[000]
green3 Red:[000] Green:[205] Blue[000]
green4 Red:[000] Green:[139] Blue[000]
chartreuse1 Red:[127] Green:[255] Blue[000]
chartreuse2 Red:[118] Green:[238] Blue[000]
chartreuse3 Red:[102] Green:[205] Blue[000]
chartreuse4 Red:[069] Green:[139] Blue[000]
OliveDrab1 Red:[192] Green:[255] Blue[062]
OliveDrab2 Red:[179] Green:[238] Blue[058]
OliveDrab3 Red:[154] Green:[205] Blue[050]
OliveDrab4 Red:[105] Green:[139] Blue[034]
DarkOliveGreen1 Red:[202] Green:[255] Blue[112]
DarkOliveGreen2 Red:[188] Green:[238] Blue[104]
DarkOliveGreen3 Red:[162] Green:[205] Blue[090]
DarkOliveGreen4 Red:[110] Green:[139] Blue[061]
khaki1 Red:[255] Green:[246] Blue[143]
khaki2 Red:[238] Green:[230] Blue[133]
khaki3 Red:[205] Green:[198] Blue[115]
khaki4 Red:[139] Green:[134] Blue[078]
LightGoldenrod1 Red:[255] Green:[236] Blue[139]
LightGoldenrod2 Red:[238] Green:[220] Blue[130]
LightGoldenrod3 Red:[205] Green:[190] Blue[112]
LightGoldenrod4 Red:[139] Green:[129] Blue[076]
LightYellow1 Red:[255] Green:[255] Blue[224]
LightYellow2 Red:[238] Green:[238] Blue[209]
LightYellow3 Red:[205] Green:[205] Blue[180]
LightYellow4 Red:[139] Green:[139] Blue[122]
yellow1 Red:[255] Green:[255] Blue[000]
yellow2 Red:[238] Green:[238] Blue[000]
yellow3 Red:[205] Green:[205] Blue[000]
yellow4 Red:[139] Green:[139] Blue[000]
gold1 Red:[255] Green:[215] Blue[000]
gold2 Red:[238] Green:[201] Blue[000]
gold3 Red:[205] Green:[173] Blue[000]
gold4 Red:[139] Green:[117] Blue[000]
goldenrod1 Red:[255] Green:[193] Blue[037]
goldenrod2 Red:[238] Green:[180] Blue[034]
goldenrod3 Red:[205] Green:[155] Blue[029]
goldenrod4 Red:[139] Green:[105] Blue[020]
DarkGoldenrod1 Red:[255] Green:[185] Blue[015]
DarkGoldenrod2 Red:[238] Green:[173] Blue[014]
DarkGoldenrod3 Red:[205] Green:[149] Blue[012]
DarkGoldenrod4 Red:[139] Green:[101] Blue[008]
RosyBrown1 Red:[255] Green:[193] Blue[193]
RosyBrown2 Red:[238] Green:[180] Blue[180]
RosyBrown3 Red:[205] Green:[155] Blue[155]
RosyBrown4 Red:[139] Green:[105] Blue[105]
IndianRed1 Red:[255] Green:[106] Blue[106]
IndianRed2 Red:[238] Green:[099] Blue[099]
IndianRed3 Red:[205] Green:[085] Blue[085]
IndianRed4 Red:[139] Green:[058] Blue[058]
sienna1 Red:[255] Green:[130] Blue[071]
sienna2 Red:[238] Green:[121] Blue[066]
sienna3 Red:[205] Green:[104] Blue[057]
sienna4 Red:[139] Green:[071] Blue[038]
burlywood1 Red:[255] Green:[211] Blue[155]
burlywood2 Red:[238] Green:[197] Blue[145]
burlywood3 Red:[205] Green:[170] Blue[125]
burlywood4 Red:[139] Green:[115] Blue[085]
wheat1 Red:[255] Green:[231] Blue[186]
wheat2 Red:[238] Green:[216] Blue[174]
wheat3 Red:[205] Green:[186] Blue[150]
wheat4 Red:[139] Green:[126] Blue[102]
tan1 Red:[255] Green:[165] Blue[079]
tan2 Red:[238] Green:[154] Blue[073]
tan3 Red:[205] Green:[133] Blue[063]
tan4 Red:[139] Green:[090] Blue[043]
chocolate1 Red:[255] Green:[127] Blue[036]
chocolate2 Red:[238] Green:[118] Blue[033]
chocolate3 Red:[205] Green:[102] Blue[029]
chocolate4 Red:[139] Green:[069] Blue[019]
firebrick1 Red:[255] Green:[048] Blue[048]
firebrick2 Red:[238] Green:[044] Blue[044]
firebrick3 Red:[205] Green:[038] Blue[038]
firebrick4 Red:[139] Green:[026] Blue[026]
brown1 Red:[255] Green:[064] Blue[064]
brown2 Red:[238] Green:[059] Blue[059]
brown3 Red:[205] Green:[051] Blue[051]
brown4 Red:[139] Green:[035] Blue[035]
salmon1 Red:[255] Green:[140] Blue[105]
salmon2 Red:[238] Green:[130] Blue[098]
salmon3 Red:[205] Green:[112] Blue[084]
salmon4 Red:[139] Green:[076] Blue[057]
LightSalmon1 Red:[255] Green:[160] Blue[122]
LightSalmon2 Red:[238] Green:[149] Blue[114]
LightSalmon3 Red:[205] Green:[129] Blue[098]
LightSalmon4 Red:[139] Green:[087] Blue[066]
orange1 Red:[255] Green:[165] Blue[000]
orange2 Red:[238] Green:[154] Blue[000]
orange3 Red:[205] Green:[133] Blue[000]
orange4 Red:[139] Green:[090] Blue[000]
DarkOrange1 Red:[255] Green:[127] Blue[000]
DarkOrange2 Red:[238] Green:[118] Blue[000]
DarkOrange3 Red:[205] Green:[102] Blue[000]
DarkOrange4 Red:[139] Green:[069] Blue[000]
coral1 Red:[255] Green:[114] Blue[086]
coral2 Red:[238] Green:[106] Blue[080]
coral3 Red:[205] Green:[091] Blue[069]
coral4 Red:[139] Green:[062] Blue[047]
tomato1 Red:[255] Green:[099] Blue[071]
tomato2 Red:[238] Green:[092] Blue[066]
tomato3 Red:[205] Green:[079] Blue[057]
tomato4 Red:[139] Green:[054] Blue[038]
OrangeRed1 Red:[255] Green:[069] Blue[000]
OrangeRed2 Red:[238] Green:[064] Blue[000]
OrangeRed3 Red:[205] Green:[055] Blue[000]
OrangeRed4 Red:[139] Green:[037] Blue[000]
red1 Red:[255] Green:[000] Blue[000]
red2 Red:[238] Green:[000] Blue[000]
red3 Red:[205] Green:[000] Blue[000]
red4 Red:[139] Green:[000] Blue[000]
DeepPink1 Red:[255] Green:[020] Blue[147]
DeepPink2 Red:[238] Green:[018] Blue[137]
DeepPink3 Red:[205] Green:[016] Blue[118]
DeepPink4 Red:[139] Green:[010] Blue[080]
HotPink1 Red:[255] Green:[110] Blue[180]
HotPink2 Red:[238] Green:[106] Blue[167]
HotPink3 Red:[205] Green:[096] Blue[144]
HotPink4 Red:[139] Green:[058] Blue[098]
pink1 Red:[255] Green:[181] Blue[197]
pink2 Red:[238] Green:[169] Blue[184]
pink3 Red:[205] Green:[145] Blue[158]
pink4 Red:[139] Green:[099] Blue[108]
LightPink1 Red:[255] Green:[174] Blue[185]
LightPink2 Red:[238] Green:[162] Blue[173]
LightPink3 Red:[205] Green:[140] Blue[149]
LightPink4 Red:[139] Green:[095] Blue[101]
PaleVioletRed1 Red:[255] Green:[130] Blue[171]
PaleVioletRed2 Red:[238] Green:[121] Blue[159]
PaleVioletRed3 Red:[205] Green:[104] Blue[137]
PaleVioletRed4 Red:[139] Green:[071] Blue[093]
maroon1 Red:[255] Green:[052] Blue[179]
maroon2 Red:[238] Green:[048] Blue[167]
maroon3 Red:[205] Green:[041] Blue[144]
maroon4 Red:[139] Green:[028] Blue[098]
VioletRed1 Red:[255] Green:[062] Blue[150]
VioletRed2 Red:[238] Green:[058] Blue[140]
VioletRed3 Red:[205] Green:[050] Blue[120]
VioletRed4 Red:[139] Green:[034] Blue[082]
magenta1 Red:[255] Green:[000] Blue[255]
magenta2 Red:[238] Green:[000] Blue[238]
magenta3 Red:[205] Green:[000] Blue[205]
magenta4 Red:[139] Green:[000] Blue[139]
orchid1 Red:[255] Green:[131] Blue[250]
orchid2 Red:[238] Green:[122] Blue[233]
orchid3 Red:[205] Green:[105] Blue[201]
orchid4 Red:[139] Green:[071] Blue[137]
plum1 Red:[255] Green:[187] Blue[255]
plum2 Red:[238] Green:[174] Blue[238]
plum3 Red:[205] Green:[150] Blue[205]
plum4 Red:[139] Green:[102] Blue[139]
MediumOrchid1 Red:[224] Green:[102] Blue[255]
MediumOrchid2 Red:[209] Green:[095] Blue[238]
MediumOrchid3 Red:[180] Green:[082] Blue[205]
MediumOrchid4 Red:[122] Green:[055] Blue[139]
DarkOrchid1 Red:[191] Green:[062] Blue[255]
DarkOrchid2 Red:[178] Green:[058] Blue[238]
DarkOrchid3 Red:[154] Green:[050] Blue[205]
DarkOrchid4 Red:[104] Green:[034] Blue[139]
purple1 Red:[155] Green:[048] Blue[255]
purple2 Red:[145] Green:[044] Blue[238]
purple3 Red:[125] Green:[038] Blue[205]
purple4 Red:[085] Green:[026] Blue[139]
MediumPurple1 Red:[171] Green:[130] Blue[255]
MediumPurple2 Red:[159] Green:[121] Blue[238]
MediumPurple3 Red:[137] Green:[104] Blue[205]
MediumPurple4 Red:[093] Green:[071] Blue[139]
thistle1 Red:[255] Green:[225] Blue[255]
thistle2 Red:[238] Green:[210] Blue[238]
thistle3 Red:[205] Green:[181] Blue[205]
thistle4 Red:[139] Green:[123] Blue[139]
gray0 Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[000]
grey0 Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[000]
gray1 Red:[003] Green:[003] Blue[003]
grey1 Red:[003] Green:[003] Blue[003]
gray2 Red:[005] Green:[005] Blue[005]
grey2 Red:[005] Green:[005] Blue[005]
gray3 Red:[008] Green:[008] Blue[008]
grey3 Red:[008] Green:[008] Blue[008]
gray4 Red:[010] Green:[010] Blue[010]
grey4 Red:[010] Green:[010] Blue[010]
gray5 Red:[013] Green:[013] Blue[013]
grey5 Red:[013] Green:[013] Blue[013]
gray6 Red:[015] Green:[015] Blue[015]
grey6 Red:[015] Green:[015] Blue[015]
gray7 Red:[018] Green:[018] Blue[018]
grey7 Red:[018] Green:[018] Blue[018]
gray8 Red:[020] Green:[020] Blue[020]
grey8 Red:[020] Green:[020] Blue[020]
gray9 Red:[023] Green:[023] Blue[023]
grey9 Red:[023] Green:[023] Blue[023]
gray10 Red:[026] Green:[026] Blue[026]
grey10 Red:[026] Green:[026] Blue[026]
gray11 Red:[028] Green:[028] Blue[028]
grey11 Red:[028] Green:[028] Blue[028]
gray12 Red:[031] Green:[031] Blue[031]
grey12 Red:[031] Green:[031] Blue[031]
gray13 Red:[033] Green:[033] Blue[033]
grey13 Red:[033] Green:[033] Blue[033]
gray14 Red:[036] Green:[036] Blue[036]
grey14 Red:[036] Green:[036] Blue[036]
gray15 Red:[038] Green:[038] Blue[038]
grey15 Red:[038] Green:[038] Blue[038]
gray16 Red:[041] Green:[041] Blue[041]
grey16 Red:[041] Green:[041] Blue[041]
gray17 Red:[043] Green:[043] Blue[043]
grey17 Red:[043] Green:[043] Blue[043]
gray18 Red:[046] Green:[046] Blue[046]
grey18 Red:[046] Green:[046] Blue[046]
gray19 Red:[048] Green:[048] Blue[048]
grey19 Red:[048] Green:[048] Blue[048]
gray20 Red:[051] Green:[051] Blue[051]
grey20 Red:[051] Green:[051] Blue[051]
gray21 Red:[054] Green:[054] Blue[054]
grey21 Red:[054] Green:[054] Blue[054]
gray22 Red:[056] Green:[056] Blue[056]
grey22 Red:[056] Green:[056] Blue[056]
gray23 Red:[059] Green:[059] Blue[059]
grey23 Red:[059] Green:[059] Blue[059]
gray24 Red:[061] Green:[061] Blue[061]
grey24 Red:[061] Green:[061] Blue[061]
gray25 Red:[064] Green:[064] Blue[064]
grey25 Red:[064] Green:[064] Blue[064]
gray26 Red:[066] Green:[066] Blue[066]
grey26 Red:[066] Green:[066] Blue[066]
gray27 Red:[069] Green:[069] Blue[069]
grey27 Red:[069] Green:[069] Blue[069]
gray28 Red:[071] Green:[071] Blue[071]
grey28 Red:[071] Green:[071] Blue[071]
gray29 Red:[074] Green:[074] Blue[074]
grey29 Red:[074] Green:[074] Blue[074]
gray30 Red:[077] Green:[077] Blue[077]
grey30 Red:[077] Green:[077] Blue[077]
gray31 Red:[079] Green:[079] Blue[079]
grey31 Red:[079] Green:[079] Blue[079]
gray32 Red:[082] Green:[082] Blue[082]
grey32 Red:[082] Green:[082] Blue[082]
gray33 Red:[084] Green:[084] Blue[084]
grey33 Red:[084] Green:[084] Blue[084]
gray34 Red:[087] Green:[087] Blue[087]
grey34 Red:[087] Green:[087] Blue[087]
gray35 Red:[089] Green:[089] Blue[089]
grey35 Red:[089] Green:[089] Blue[089]
gray36 Red:[092] Green:[092] Blue[092]
grey36 Red:[092] Green:[092] Blue[092]
gray37 Red:[094] Green:[094] Blue[094]
grey37 Red:[094] Green:[094] Blue[094]
gray38 Red:[097] Green:[097] Blue[097]
grey38 Red:[097] Green:[097] Blue[097]
gray39 Red:[099] Green:[099] Blue[099]
grey39 Red:[099] Green:[099] Blue[099]
gray40 Red:[102] Green:[102] Blue[102]
grey40 Red:[102] Green:[102] Blue[102]
gray41 Red:[105] Green:[105] Blue[105]
grey41 Red:[105] Green:[105] Blue[105]
gray42 Red:[107] Green:[107] Blue[107]
grey42 Red:[107] Green:[107] Blue[107]
gray43 Red:[110] Green:[110] Blue[110]
grey43 Red:[110] Green:[110] Blue[110]
gray44 Red:[112] Green:[112] Blue[112]
grey44 Red:[112] Green:[112] Blue[112]
gray45 Red:[115] Green:[115] Blue[115]
grey45 Red:[115] Green:[115] Blue[115]
gray46 Red:[117] Green:[117] Blue[117]
grey46 Red:[117] Green:[117] Blue[117]
gray47 Red:[120] Green:[120] Blue[120]
grey47 Red:[120] Green:[120] Blue[120]
gray48 Red:[122] Green:[122] Blue[122]
grey48 Red:[122] Green:[122] Blue[122]
gray49 Red:[125] Green:[125] Blue[125]
grey49 Red:[125] Green:[125] Blue[125]
gray50 Red:[127] Green:[127] Blue[127]
grey50 Red:[127] Green:[127] Blue[127]
gray51 Red:[130] Green:[130] Blue[130]
grey51 Red:[130] Green:[130] Blue[130]
gray52 Red:[133] Green:[133] Blue[133]
grey52 Red:[133] Green:[133] Blue[133]
gray53 Red:[135] Green:[135] Blue[135]
grey53 Red:[135] Green:[135] Blue[135]
gray54 Red:[138] Green:[138] Blue[138]
grey54 Red:[138] Green:[138] Blue[138]
gray55 Red:[140] Green:[140] Blue[140]
grey55 Red:[140] Green:[140] Blue[140]
gray56 Red:[143] Green:[143] Blue[143]
grey56 Red:[143] Green:[143] Blue[143]
gray57 Red:[145] Green:[145] Blue[145]
grey57 Red:[145] Green:[145] Blue[145]
gray58 Red:[148] Green:[148] Blue[148]
grey58 Red:[148] Green:[148] Blue[148]
gray59 Red:[150] Green:[150] Blue[150]
grey59 Red:[150] Green:[150] Blue[150]
gray60 Red:[153] Green:[153] Blue[153]
grey60 Red:[153] Green:[153] Blue[153]
gray61 Red:[156] Green:[156] Blue[156]
grey61 Red:[156] Green:[156] Blue[156]
gray62 Red:[158] Green:[158] Blue[158]
grey62 Red:[158] Green:[158] Blue[158]
gray63 Red:[161] Green:[161] Blue[161]
grey63 Red:[161] Green:[161] Blue[161]
gray64 Red:[163] Green:[163] Blue[163]
grey64 Red:[163] Green:[163] Blue[163]
gray65 Red:[166] Green:[166] Blue[166]
grey65 Red:[166] Green:[166] Blue[166]
gray66 Red:[168] Green:[168] Blue[168]
grey66 Red:[168] Green:[168] Blue[168]
gray67 Red:[171] Green:[171] Blue[171]
grey67 Red:[171] Green:[171] Blue[171]
gray68 Red:[173] Green:[173] Blue[173]
grey68 Red:[173] Green:[173] Blue[173]
gray69 Red:[176] Green:[176] Blue[176]
grey69 Red:[176] Green:[176] Blue[176]
gray70 Red:[179] Green:[179] Blue[179]
grey70 Red:[179] Green:[179] Blue[179]
gray71 Red:[181] Green:[181] Blue[181]
grey71 Red:[181] Green:[181] Blue[181]
gray72 Red:[184] Green:[184] Blue[184]
grey72 Red:[184] Green:[184] Blue[184]
gray73 Red:[186] Green:[186] Blue[186]
grey73 Red:[186] Green:[186] Blue[186]
gray74 Red:[189] Green:[189] Blue[189]
grey74 Red:[189] Green:[189] Blue[189]
gray75 Red:[191] Green:[191] Blue[191]
grey75 Red:[191] Green:[191] Blue[191]
gray76 Red:[194] Green:[194] Blue[194]
grey76 Red:[194] Green:[194] Blue[194]
gray77 Red:[196] Green:[196] Blue[196]
grey77 Red:[196] Green:[196] Blue[196]
gray78 Red:[199] Green:[199] Blue[199]
grey78 Red:[199] Green:[199] Blue[199]
gray79 Red:[201] Green:[201] Blue[201]
grey79 Red:[201] Green:[201] Blue[201]
gray80 Red:[204] Green:[204] Blue[204]
grey80 Red:[204] Green:[204] Blue[204]
gray81 Red:[207] Green:[207] Blue[207]
grey81 Red:[207] Green:[207] Blue[207]
gray82 Red:[209] Green:[209] Blue[209]
grey82 Red:[209] Green:[209] Blue[209]
gray83 Red:[212] Green:[212] Blue[212]
grey83 Red:[212] Green:[212] Blue[212]
gray84 Red:[214] Green:[214] Blue[214]
grey84 Red:[214] Green:[214] Blue[214]
gray85 Red:[217] Green:[217] Blue[217]
grey85 Red:[217] Green:[217] Blue[217]
gray86 Red:[219] Green:[219] Blue[219]
grey86 Red:[219] Green:[219] Blue[219]
gray87 Red:[222] Green:[222] Blue[222]
grey87 Red:[222] Green:[222] Blue[222]
gray88 Red:[224] Green:[224] Blue[224]
grey88 Red:[224] Green:[224] Blue[224]
gray89 Red:[227] Green:[227] Blue[227]
grey89 Red:[227] Green:[227] Blue[227]
gray90 Red:[229] Green:[229] Blue[229]
grey90 Red:[229] Green:[229] Blue[229]
gray91 Red:[232] Green:[232] Blue[232]
grey91 Red:[232] Green:[232] Blue[232]
gray92 Red:[235] Green:[235] Blue[235]
grey92 Red:[235] Green:[235] Blue[235]
gray93 Red:[237] Green:[237] Blue[237]
grey93 Red:[237] Green:[237] Blue[237]
gray94 Red:[240] Green:[240] Blue[240]
grey94 Red:[240] Green:[240] Blue[240]
gray95 Red:[242] Green:[242] Blue[242]
grey95 Red:[242] Green:[242] Blue[242]
gray96 Red:[245] Green:[245] Blue[245]
grey96 Red:[245] Green:[245] Blue[245]
gray97 Red:[247] Green:[247] Blue[247]
grey97 Red:[247] Green:[247] Blue[247]
gray98 Red:[250] Green:[250] Blue[250]
grey98 Red:[250] Green:[250] Blue[250]
gray99 Red:[252] Green:[252] Blue[252]
grey99 Red:[252] Green:[252] Blue[252]
gray100 Red:[255] Green:[255] Blue[255]
grey100 Red:[255] Green:[255] Blue[255]
dark grey Red:[169] Green:[169] Blue[169]
DarkGrey Red:[169] Green:[169] Blue[169]
dark gray Red:[169] Green:[169] Blue[169]
DarkGray Red:[169] Green:[169] Blue[169]
dark blue Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[139]
DarkBlue Red:[000] Green:[000] Blue[139]
dark cyan Red:[000] Green:[139] Blue[139]
DarkCyan Red:[000] Green:[139] Blue[139]
dark magenta Red:[139] Green:[000] Blue[139]
DarkMagenta Red:[139] Green:[000] Blue[139]
dark red Red:[139] Green:[000] Blue[000]
DarkRed Red:[139] Green:[000] Blue[000]
light green Red:[144] Green:[238] Blue[144]
LightGreen Red:[144] Green:[238] Blue[144]
LightGreen Red:[144] Green:[238] Blue[144]

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